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60mL Havana Reserve

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Havana Reserve features an aromatic blend of Havana and Habano tobacco extracts. When dealing with such fine tobacco's, little flavouring is needed. Only enhancers are used to help balance the PH, and bring out the naturally aromatic flavours of these wonderful cigar leaves.

Cigar rolling has been a long standing art form perfected in South and Latin America. It provides a source of employment for many farmers across the world, and other than the harmful effects of smoking tobacco, it is a truly beautiful art form. We are proud to bring you the vape version of such a fine art form, one that we have spent many years perfecting. For the true connoisseur.

Propylene Glycol USP, Vegetable Glycerin USP (Kosher), Nicotine Freebase, Natural & Artificial Flavours.

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