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E-Liquid Test Results for 25 March 2015 (0315-556) - Enthalpy Labs

E-Liquid Test Results for 25 March 2015 (0315-556) - Enthalpy Labs

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Standards Legend
Component / Element Protocol
Nicotine Concentration GC/FID Analysis
0.1 mg/ml
± 10%
Diethylene glycol (DEG) GC/FID Analysis
2.23 µg/ml (ppm)
No Detection
Acetaldehyde HPLC/UV Analysis
0.640 µg/ml (ppm)
< 100 µg/ml (ppm)
Acetoin HPLC/UV Analysis
0.841 µg/ml (ppm)
None Set (Informational)
HPLC/UV Analysis
0.742 µg/ml (ppm)
Non-Detection Goal
< 22 µg/ml no disclosure
< 100 µg/ml (ppm) disclosure
> 100 µg/ml (ppm) is Fail
Formaldehyde HPLC/UV Analysis
0.846 µg/ml (ppm)
< 30 µg/mL (ppm)
Acetyl Propionyl
HPLC/UV Analysis
0.840 µg/ml (ppm)
Non-Detection Goal
< 45 µg/ml no disclosure
< 100 µg/ml (ppm) disclosure
> 100 µg/ml (ppm) is Fail
pH Level Karl Fischer Analysis Target Levels (Informational)
5.0 to 8.5
% Water Karl Fischer Analysis None Set (Informational)

* MDL - Minimum Detection Limit. The MDL will remain relatively constant but can vary slightly from test to test depending on the calibration of the equipment.

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25 March 2015 (0315-556)

This is a re-test of Groovy Grape as a result of a previous fail for the presence of Diacetyl in excess of 100 µg/ml (ppm). Since the failure was limited to Diacetyl this test only checked for the presense of Diacetyl and 2,3-Pentanedione (Acetyl Propionyl). The previous test result indicating the failure can be viewed here: 17 October 2014 (1014-175)

Flavour Groovy Grape
Sample ID ECTA002-106
Enthalpy Code 0315-556-01-1
MDL: 1.86 µg/ml
MDL: 1.57 µg/ml

ND: Non Detect or analytical result below the MDL.
J: Results flagged "J" are below the Lower Curve Limit, above the MDL, and are considered estimates.
NQ: Not Quantified due to uncharacteristic peak.


  • Groovy Grape, Diacetyl Detection ND - This was a retest of previously failed sample (17 October 2014 (1014-175)). With this result of ND, the flavour will be re-introduced for sale.

The pages of the report showing these results are below:

Cover Page Report Page 4 Report Page 10

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