Salt Nicotine

How does Nicotine Occur in Nature?

Nicotine is found in a variety of plants which are members of the nighshade or Solanaceae family of plants. This family includes everything from tobacco to vegetables, as well as some deadly, non edible plants.
Vegetables in this family include tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, and potatoes.
Here is a link to an interesting study determining nicotine content of common vegetables.

The most common source used by humans has been tobacco, as it contains the highest levels of nicotine from these plant families. It is also the preferred source for nicotine extracted by the pharmaceutical and vape industries.

How does nicotine occur in plants?

Nicotine occurs in nature in a variety of salt forms in addition to freebase state. In the plant, the nicotine molecules bind with various naturally produced acid salts, and are stored by the plant in more stable salt states. You may be most familiar with the salt forms HCI, or Sulfate, as these are commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry.

Difference between Nicotine & Nicotine Salt?

Nicotine occurs in a variety of salt forms in the plant kingdom, but when extracted from the plant in a lab, a process is used to turn the nicotine into its freebase form. In this form it can be more easily extracted from the plant material, so a process is utilized to convert the nicotine in the plant into its freebase state.
Then it is extracted and purified to the USP grade used in NRT products as well as vaping products.

Salt Nicotine Study

A study conducted on the blood absorbance rate of salt nicotine forms vs freebase was published in 2015
The findings can be found here

Sample Rate of nicotine uptake (ng/mL/min)
2% Salicylate 4.09
2% Benzoate 3.78
2% Citrate 3.20
2% Succinate 1.40
Pall Mall (reference) 1.03
2% Malate 0.73
2% Freebase 0.05
4% Benzoate 4.01


This table shows the salt form of nicotine that absorbs into the blood stream the quickest is salicylate, followed by benzoate, followed by citrate.

Nicotine citrate is generally avoided as a nicotine salt for vape juice, as citric acid is irritating to the respiratory passage and is harsher than other available salt nicotine forms.

Nicotine benzoate has become the most popular nicotine salt as it is smooth, and delivers more nicotine to the blood stream. This results in the user generally using their device much less, and in turn using less vape juice, battery life, and coils.

Who is Nicotine Salt Vape Juice For?

Flavour Crafters Inc. has always firmly believed that vaping is for adult smokers who are looking for an alternative. We have always recommended those who don't already smoke, don't start vaping! Its frankly wasn't made for you.
The same goes for our salt'd nicotine vape juice. We recommend these products for the following groups of people.

  1. Duel users: those who start and end the day with smoking tobacco to get their nic fix then vape through the day
  2. Chain Vapers: Those who feel like they hit their vape every 5 minutes, and feel its getting in the way of their activities.
  3. Failed Vapers: Those who have tried vaping in the past but didn't find it was enough to replace their tobacco products. We recommend you try again with salt nicotine vape juice.

Who We don't recommend use Salt Nicotine

Basically anyone who is satisfied with their use of good ol' fashion vape juice such as our Original line, Revolve, Twist'd, Mint'd, or Infection there is no need to try salt nicotine.
In fact, its possible that salt nicotine vape juice could be more habit forming than freebase nicotine vape juice. Having more nicotine reach your blood stream is a good change if you aren't getting enough.

Benefits of Salt'd Vape Juice

  • Higher nicotine levels (12mg, 25mg, 50mg) which means you'll need to use less juice.
  • Recommended with small Ego style, or Pod style devices. These devices don't use vape juice very fast.
  • Higher cost per bottle: Salt Nicotine costs the manufacturer double what freebase nicotine does. This means the average cost per 30mL bottle is $22 CAD.

What kind of devices we recommend for Salt Nicotine